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Vision & Mission


Campus Park Eagles are empowered, inspired, and prepared to "Take Flight" by developing their foundational skills through the application of the 4Cs; Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity.   "Eagles Soar to New Heights, Above and Beyond," as they get ready to become tomorrow’s problem solvers, innovators, and well rounded productive citizens in our global economy.



"Campus Park Prepares Young Eagles to Soar - Above and Beyond"

Students engage in mastering the grade-level foundational skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic.  Critical thinking and 21st Century skills such as communication, creativity, collaboration, and the use of technology empower young learners to become problem solvers.  Healthy lifestyles are emphasized through balanced meals, nutrition lessons, and active participation in physical education.  Positive behavior support helps students take responsibility for their actions and teaches them to interact appropriately. Students attending Campus Park are motivated, encouraged, and prepared to maximize their potential – Mind, Body, and Soul.